Lets try and make an effort to point y’all at the amazing artists i shamelessly rip and make this show possible.

Akira Yamaoka – Results

Blizzard – Prologue Requiem

Cam Cardon, Kory – Voldun

Chance Thomas – Castle of Doom, Grievous Intrigue, Zillobeast

Clint Bajakain – Crimson Forest, Crimson Rise, House Waycrest

Cris Velasco – The Scientist, Reaper Chase

Daniel Pemberton – The Dark Crystal End Credits, The Crystal Chamber, The Scientist Engineers

David Arkenstone – Snakes of the Sea, Kul Tiras Sky (Day), Kul Tiras Sky (Night), Stone (Day) (Night), Kul Tiras Peaks (Day) (Night), Nazmir Swamps,

De Wolfe – Hot Night

Derek Duke – Azjol-Nerub, Ruins of the Azjol Empire, The Coil, Silithus, The Super Gobline Suite-anator 9001

Doom Eternal – All of it

Electric Wizard – Return Trip

G. Schyman – Lutece, Unintended Consequences, Elizabeth

Garry Schyman – Sunk

Gerard Marino – Rage of Sparta

Glenn Stafford – Outlaw Harbor, Drustvar (Day) (Night), Barrowknoll Cemetery

Gordy Haab – Prologue

Jack Wall – The Frozen Forest, Black Ops

Jesper Kyd – Bring Your Guns, Welcome to Fyrestone

Kow Otani – Resurrection, To the Ancient Land, Commandment, Prayer, Wilderness

Masayuki Maruyama – Vampire Killer, Beginning

Matt Uelmen – Mephisto, Tombs

Michiru Yamane – The Vampire’s Stomach, Metamorphosis

Mike Reagan – The Splendor of Athens

Neal Acree – Goblin Greed

Peter McConnell – Tricks of the Trade, Playing with a Full Deck

Raison Varner – Enter Skag Gully, Travelling to the Vault

Russell Brower – Crystal Trees, Plaguebringers, Lumberjacks, Vordrassil, The Crstal Pillars, Netherstorm, The Tower of Karazhan, Demon Hunter, Ressurection

Sam Cardon – Atal’Dazar, Blood Sacrifice

Samuel Sim – Attack of the Arathim

Sascha Dikiciyan – Borderlands, Burning Rubber and Shooting Bullets

Shinji Ushiroda – Vampire Killer

Skrillex – The Devils Den

Stephen Barton – F.N.G.

What So Not – The Ripe ‘House Party Tour’

Yoko Shimomura – Treasured Memories