36CoC – Ladies Love Horst

The Investigators continue their search for clues in Egypt in the Red Alley & Street of Potters running down the seedy allies for information to the mysterious disappearance of the Carlyle expedition. With guns drawn and a trail of cats, they make some aggressive introductions and sexy feline friends. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep

26CoC – Robbing the Rich

The investigators find themselves in New York and are contacted by their old friend Dr. Jackson Elias who calls upon them for help a moment too late! Discovering the good Doctor horribly murdered the stubble into a web of intrigue surrounding their compatriot. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyralathotep

35D&D – Clementine’s Wombo Combo

The Heroes free their new frost giant friend and immediately get jumped by the Devil Hutijin trying to steal away the Sword of Zariel for his master. Taking a long rest in Kaylin’s fancy mansion they meet back up with Barnabus and fly into the horizon. Dungeons & Dragons : Descent into Avernus

33D&D – Gave Her the Finger

The Heroes Damn the River! allowing Shummrath to coagulate from an ocean of green slime back into a Pitfiend and find the Bleeding Citadel below the pit. Entering a hole in the scab the descended through the maze of crust to the Cathedral’s brass door where they reunited with LuLu, where upon they were immediately sucked into the hollyphants memories. Dungeons & Dragons: Descent into Avernus

24CoC – Tear Out God’s Guts

The Investigators navigate the wonders of the Citadels and avoid being torn apart by the ancient cities bizarreness. Professor Amber makes quick work of Rose Meadham finishing off the inner night cultists while Johnathan Grieves and Dr. Who disable the deluded computer god of the Citadel, and witness the transformation of their old patron into the Avatar of Yig. Call of Cthulhu : Two Headed Serpent

32D&D – I Put a Finger In

The Heroes get into a skirmish on their infernal flying machine and are sent crashing to the ground by Obatala, Bitch! On foot they help out a wizard looking fellow trapped in a circle of Obelisk’s and have to make a pit stop at the Mirror of Mephistar to ask Mephistopheles for help, but his help comes with a price. Dungeons & Dragons : Descent into Avernus

23CoC – Dr. Who Gets a Gravity Gun

The Investigators cross into the lost continent of Mu and traverse through a strange and ancient jungle to the base of the volcano prison on which the Citadel rests. Will they be able to bypass the siege and rise to the top of the serpent person city? Call of Cthulhu : Two Headed Serpent

12CoC – Wheelbarrow Full of Abs

The investigators continue their investigation of the town of Bingham, Oklahoma and uncover a Cult of Yig and their up to no good. Will Dr. Who be able to get it in before giving their everlasting souls to Revered Kornfield and his Pentecostal Church inside the cave? Call of Cthulhu – Two Headed Serpent

11CoC – So Long, and Thanks For All the Buopoth

The Heroes blow out of Northern Borneo and arrive back in New York only to be immediately shuffled off onto their next assignment with barley a pat on the back. Arriving in the Dust Bowl south of small down Oklahoma the investigators begin to look into the becoming’s of another Cult of Yig?

09CoC – This Meat is Delicious

The investigators outfit themselves for the next assignment at the Caduceus foundation and fly out to North Borneo with a viral analyzers and a fist full of good intensions. Will they be able to save the locals from the quarantine while discovering what’s causing the dreamlands to bleed into the waking world? Call of Cthulhu : Two Headed Serpent

07CoC – Giant Snake Charmer

The Investigators make their way inside the Temple of the Dreamer and make friends with snakes, snake dogs and a giant snake while making their acquaintance with the serpent sorcerous. Successful, they travel back to New York with the sorcerous and go on a shopping spree.

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06CoC – Sweaty in the Jungle

The investigators are volunteered to the war torn jungles of Bolivia where they are tasked with the retrieval of a Mummy from a subterranean pyramid. The mysterious aid organization Caduceus has welcomed the team into it fold and has given them a difficult task to test their commitment. All while the horrors of war threaten to consume our heroes as the story of a long forgotten race is revealed.

05CoC – Whoes Side Are You On?

Labor Day Special! Call of Cthulhu Caesar Chavez is organizing a labor movement and its causing problems for the players employers. Dr. Who, Johnathan Grieves and Prof. Amber Antwan are hired to take care of the would be Unionizer and the non-profit seems to be hiding colder motives. Yig is Yig. Yig is a great god.