05 Delta Green – Ambassador Squatch

The Agents! Arrive in a tiny mountain town of the Olympic Nation Forest to discover the cause of an ongoing series of gruesome murders within the park. Between giant foot prints, a sus mayor and the local militias them duke boys have plum got right into the thick of it. #deltagreen #ttrpg #actualplay #squatch

81D&D – Grape Job Graz’zt

The Heroes! Return from the Astral Sea teleported by their friendo Vizeran DeVir arriving at the tower of Araj within the Underdark. Here the Archmage lays out a plan to lure the demon lords back to the site of the summoning in the City of Spiders; Menzoberranzan. First their gana need some spell components while navigating some unexpected guests. #Dungeons&Dragons #OutoftheAbyss #RageofDemons

04 Delta Green – Always Open Season on Pigs

Agents under deep cover in Los Angeles witness the brutal police murder of a young girl named Natasha. Armed by a community self defense force they drive north to learn why the pigs stole her corpse and to deliver justice to the cops and their masters discovering a scene of occult depravity none of them were prepared for. #deltagreen #ttrpg #actualplay

Insurrection III: God Emperor of All Humanity

The Capitol has fallen. Climate Collapse has been summoned. It’s over for humanity.

With the deep state’s coup defeated, POTUS ordered the execution of Satan cementing his command of America. With absolute authority over the Hells and Earth there is only one thing left to subjugate. From within the Oval Office the President briefs the Heroes on their next mission: Go to heaven, kill God.

Photo credit: Kent Nishimura

War on Christmas

For years the conflict between Halloween and Christmas town has escalated into a full scale war of attrition. Millions dead on both sides have bathed the ground in frozen rivers of blood. Bombs rain from the sky in a storm of steel that thunders through the air, a rolling drum beat of carnage blends into the background of each waking moment. This is life day after day, scratching out existence in the glacial trenches surrounding Santa’s workshop as the Halloween Horde forces their way deeper into the defenses…

1 Delta Green: Star Eater

The Agents of Delta Green fly into a remote Alaskan missile silo to investigate a string of disappearances that the military is at a loss to explain. No passenger manifest, video tapes or solitary footprints vanishing into the trackless wastes have explained the ongoing dematerializing troops. Worse yet, the disappearances have spread to the surrounding bases. As secret agents of the shadowy organizations the operators are tasked with uncovering the link between the missing soldiers and put a stop to it before it’s too late for us all.

63D&D – You Caught a Rumpadump!

The Heroes save their captured friends by flying their Dragonborn through the prison walls for a flawless prison break. Following the mad tentacled hatter down beneath the Cleft District they delve into a weird tunnel of dancing myconids to eat wall mushrooms when Denthator’s brother tries to body snatch, oh brother! Dungeons & Dragons : Out of the Abyss