12CoC – Wheelbarrow Full of Abs

The investigators continue their investigation of the town of Bingham, Oklahoma and uncover a Cult of Yig and their up to no good. Will Dr. Who be able to get it in before giving their everlasting souls to Revered Kornfield and his Pentecostal Church inside the cave? Call of Cthulhu – Two Headed Serpent

11CoC – So Long, and Thanks For All the Buopoth

The Heroes blow out of Northern Borneo and arrive back in New York only to be immediately shuffled off onto their next assignment with barley a pat on the back. Arriving in the Dust Bowl south of small down Oklahoma the investigators begin to look into the becoming’s of another Cult of Yig?

09CoC – This Meat is Delicious

The investigators outfit themselves for the next assignment at the Caduceus foundation and fly out to North Borneo with a viral analyzers and a fist full of good intensions. Will they be able to save the locals from the quarantine while discovering what’s causing the dreamlands to bleed into the waking world? Call of Cthulhu : Two Headed Serpent

07CoC – Giant Snake Charmer

The Investigators make their way inside the Temple of the Dreamer and make friends with snakes, snake dogs and a giant snake while making their acquaintance with the serpent sorcerous. Successful, they travel back to New York with the sorcerous and go on a shopping spree.

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06CoC – Sweaty in the Jungle

The investigators are volunteered to the war torn jungles of Bolivia where they are tasked with the retrieval of a Mummy from a subterranean pyramid. The mysterious aid organization Caduceus has welcomed the team into it fold and has given them a difficult task to test their commitment. All while the horrors of war threaten to consume our heroes as the story of a long forgotten race is revealed.

05CoC – Whoes Side Are You On?

Labor Day Special! Call of Cthulhu Caesar Chavez is organizing a labor movement and its causing problems for the players employers. Dr. Who, Johnathan Grieves and Prof. Amber Antwan are hired to take care of the would be Unionizer and the non-profit seems to be hiding colder motives. Yig is Yig. Yig is a great god.

11 D&D Descent into Avernus – Run the Chains

Our heroes make their way out of the forest massive and arrive at Fort Knucklebone where they mount up on some sick wheels. Adrian pulls a thorn from a lion’s paw while Smatter and Y select their respective rides. Learning more about LuLu’s past the adventurers make their way out onto the wasteland and are attacked by an Iron Bull Mad Max Truck.

10 D&D: Descent into Avernus – Killing on Stage

Our Heroes! Find Ulder Ravenguard locked in a trance battling the mental influences of Torm and Baphomet vying for control of his mind. Y decided he would remove The Helm of Torm by force and the party made there way past Gideon back to the High Hall. Catching a long rest they descended the chains dragging the city into Avernus and outran the raging battle of the Blood Wars into an Enchanted Forest. Following the throbbing bass the found a massive music festival.

09 D&D Descent into Avernus – Demons Kool-Aid Manned my Chapel

Adrian & Y meet a new Hero; a Kenku Warlock/Bard named: Smatter that sold them magic, not so magic sand. The group made there way to the Grand Cemetery to rescue Ulder Ravenguard and encountered Gideon Lightward, a fallen priest who had become a necromancer in service of Zariel. Adrian tries to bring the priest back to the light with love as the Necromancer and the team work to defend the city against Demons that pour into the city from the ossuary below the Chapel.

08 D&D: Descent into Avernus – Suicide Swan Dive

Our Heroes! Arrive in Avernus by way of the otter arch-mage Traxigor. Ugway, seeing a damsel in distress took out his new wand of fireball and vaporized the attacking beaded devils. Adrian makes contact with a plucky halfling, sells her soul for food and coordinates with Pherria Jynks to mount a rescue mission in search Ulder Ravenguard in the Grand Cemetery. Y goes a little crazy, from Ugway’s ass beating and stealing souls.

07 D&D: Descent into Avernus – Enter Avernus with a Bullet

Our heroes! Fight off a cult: Knights of the Shield from stealing the Shield of the Hidden Lord from Ugway on their way to Candlekeep. Adrian, learning of Sylvira’s towers from the intelligent ogre, lead the party through the city and into her tower finding arcane instruments and dark tomes. She open the puzzle box and informed the group as to the details of Thavius’s agreement, a map of Avernus and more information on the Shield of the Hidden Lord. Making their way to Traxigor’s tower, the otter archmage planeshifted the party into the city of Elturel, bound by chain to the plane of Avernus.

06 D&D: Descent into Avernus – The Hero the City Deserves

Our heroes make their way out of the Vantampur Villa and back into the city in which Ugway and Adrian set up their travels to Candlekeep, where they hope to unlock the secrets of the infernal puzzle box. Adrian makes her way to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods for a shiny new axe and moournns the slaying of her beloved cow.

03 DnD: Descent into Avernus: Animal Uprising

Our Heroes! Make their way from the Dungeon of the Dead Three to the Low Lantern Tavern and encounter a Dragon Cult. Meeting with Amrik, Adrian is able to find a guide in Reyla to help her assault on the Vantampur Villa. Ugway burns an old lady dairy farmer in her own home & scubba. Yrmyse procures a magic staff with his magic staff.

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